Heatscope Infrared Heaters

Heatscope – an aesthetically appealing electric infrared heater that can be incorporated into any decor. Heatscope is a sleeker version of the conventional infrared heater and compliments the look of any space.

All of the Heatscope units are designed with the overall concept of achieving the highest possible heating power with the least possible light emission, in the most precise state-of-the-art design. The end result of years of experience and expertise in designing unique heating solutions for temporary use spaces is the creation of extraordinarily designed units, which create a warm, cozy ambience.

  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Comfortable heat quickly
  • Minimal ambient light (compared to traditional infrared heaters)
  • Designed and developed in Germany
  • Ideal for heating temporary use spaces

Heatscope offers two types of infrared radiant heaters:
The Heatscope Vision and the Heatscope Spot units.

Heatscope Vision heaters create a warm ambient atmosphere in less than 30 seconds with a minimal orange glow. The amount of light is minimized by the use of a SCHOTT® NEXTREMA® ceramic glass front screen.

Heatscope Spot radiant heaters produce a subtle orange glow which is only 30-40% of the light output of the traditional radiant heaters. The reduced light output is due to the use of a color matching grill screen in front of the satin surface carbon heating elements that can be either a black or white. They are midwave radiant heaters that produce heat almost instantly (less than 15 seconds).

Spot Infrared Heaters

  • Energy efficient twin carbon heating elements with satin surface
  • Recommended installation height 7 to 11 feet (covered spaces)
  • Ideal for providing heat to outdoor areas such as partially open patios or balconies

Vision Infrared Heaters

  • Infrared heater with minimal light emission (only 15 to 20% of the light output of the traditional radiant heaters)
  • Best suited for semi enclosed areas that have limited wind exposure such as sunrooms and semi-open patios
  • Recommended installation height 7 to 9 feet (covered spaces)