Heatscope Infrared Heaters

VISION ambient heaters

Less light – more heat

ambient-light heaters feature very discrete, filtered ambient light behind a Schott ceramic screen. Vision heaters are used predominantly on semi-open patios or decks as well as in sun-rooms and glasshouses – wherever people need heat quickly. Suitable for advanced private and commercial use in covered, wind-protected outdoor areas such as semi-open patios, exterior areas with thermal and weather resistant, technical glass-ceramic front panel NEXTREMA®

SPOT power heaters

Top performance with reduced light

infrared radiant heaters deliver full heating performance with reduced output of visible light (600 lux max.). Two carbon heating elements operating in the fast mid-wave IR range generate comfortable heat that you feel instantly and subtle orange light. Because of their fast mid-wave output, Spot heaters are suitable for use in wind-prone areas and can be mounted up to 3 metres high (depending on the environment).