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Perfect season extender Energy efficient season extender Environmentally friendly Aesthetically appealing Perfect for outdoor areas

Perfect season extender

Electric infrared heater without the red light. Green technology inspired by the sun.

Energy efficient season extender

Sleek design. Perfect for residential applications. (MHS-2400)

Environmentally friendly

Weather resistant. Produces directional heat without emitting greenhouse gases. (MHS-2400)

Aesthetically appealing

Quiet infrared heater. Compliments the look of any space. No gas lines. (MHS-3200)

Perfect for outdoor areas

Extraordinary design, quiet operation. Perfect for commercial settings. (MHS-1600)

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Heatscope Certification

The Heatscope infrared heaters are TUV Listed.

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Planning the installation of the Heatscope infrared heaters is simplified with our assistance.

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Heatscope | Infrared radiant heaters

Why Heatscope Infrared Heaters?

Conveniently add warmth to your outdoor settings with Heatscope electric infrared heaters - green technology inspired by the sun. Elegant, sleek and long-lasting, the radiant heater of the next generation - Heatscope transforms indoor and outdoor areas into cozy, pleasant environments.

Heatscope produced in Germany, is a beautifully shaped infrared heater that provides cozy warmth without the disturbing red light, emitted by traditional infrared heaters. Heatscope infrared heaters can be subtly incorporated into a variety of settings as they are easy to install, do not require gas lines and create a warm inviting atmosphere perfect for enjoying an outdoor patio in fall or spring.


Heatscope - FAQs

How does a zero-light infrared heater work?

Infrared radiant heaters heat directly by coming through the air like sunbeams. They first warm up the surface of materials and bodies. There is therefore hardly any heat loss, unlike with conventional heaters and gas patio heaters.

Do Heatscope infrared heaters require venting?

No, Heatscope infrared heaters do not produce any greenhouse gases and unlike gas heaters do not require venting.

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Installations meet UL safety standards if:
  • Used indoors or covered outdoor areas
  • Used with connection element (MHS-ESM) OR receiver (MHS-FBM) AND mounting bracket.
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